New Site:

Once DeathWish Piano Movers owner Greg Keane stepped in front of the cameras for the Travel Channel’s new show, DeathWish Movers, he realized that his company would need to update their website to a more dynamic version that would also function as their online storefront. Since hoisting Black Sabbath-worthy mixing consoles and antique Steinways out […]

Site Renovation: Beacon Insurance

One of my first clients, Beacon Insurance, had a site that was a good candidate for a WordPress makeover. Even with using the Library feature in Dreamweaver, changes to the navigation and content were cumbersome, especially when they wanted to add a new newsletter page. After creating a sample site and letting them check out […]

“Random Image, Meet Short Code Exec PHP”

-Now shake hands and play nice… I’m putting together a proposal site for a (potential) client and using Sayontan’s excellent “Suffusion” theme. What makes it awesome (for me) is that it’s a snap to customize with the various customizing menus. And, it comes with a bunch of different layout templates so it’s easy to set […]

Blogging for your business

Recently I looked at my client list and realized that I now have quite a few whose sites include a blog.  Some of them update the blog on a regular basis and send out an email to all their subscribers to let them know there’s something new to read.  Others put a new post up […]

NextGen Gallery: The Missing Manual

UPDATE: Feburary 16, 2014- In light of NextGEN’s acquisition by Photocrati and subsequent UI changes I have created a new guide that you can find here. As much as everyone loves the NextGen Gallery by Alex Rabe (myself included), a comprehensive guide to how to actually use it seems to be as scarce as the […]

New Site(s) Launch: Lovejoy

When Katharine Navins, Tallow Studio’s owner needed a WordPress developer to bring her site design for Lovejoy Designs to fruition, she came to Jenn Mears Web Design with the page concepts and site architecture wonderfully laid out with a great eye towards color and balance. Utilizing a theme called Silver Dreams, I was able to […]

A Rough Guide to Business Blogging

Author’s note: This is not the stuff that I do, but it’s what I should do. 5 Reasons to have a blog for your business 1. It’s environmentally friendly. Unless you are running a blog about your helicopter hunting/timber logging business venture. But not only is it green for the environment, it’s green for you. […]

Site Launch: Michael McCarthy Law

Michael McCarthy Law has been in development for a while now and readers will soon find that it was worth the wait! Meant to be much more than a simple “shingle site” for a Personal Injury and Estate Handling firm, MML is aimed at educating both current and potential clients, an approach that more and […]

A Guide to Web Color-

-right in your own (WordPress) backyard! I was ready to do a search for a good online hexadecimal color guide for a client, when I realized that they have one right there in the Editing window!

Getting Your Company Listed with is a new search engine that is being touted as the next big thing, at least that’s what Microsoft is hoping. They’ve pumped metric tons of money into marketing it as Google’s new competitor, but the jury still seems to be deliberating about that. Still, as Bing buzz builds, it couldn’t hurt to get […]