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2014 UPDATE: Does Facebook even allow notes anymore? Possibly not by the time I finish typing this. Anyway, if you don’t want to futz with html and it’s not working, try simply pasting in the url into the note without wrapping it in tags. It may just be that FB will display it as a live link anyway!

Putting a link into a Facebook note
Here’s an example of a link embedded in a Facebook Note

1. Create your note on your Facebook profile. Then, in another window on your browser, find the page you want to link to. Select that page’s url and copy it.

2. Go back to your note and find the text you want to transform into a link. Place your cursor in front of the first letter and type in these characters:
The beginning of an html hypertext link tag

3. Now, after the first set of quote marks, paste in the url you just copied and then put another set of quotation marks followed by a bracket after it like so:
The rest of the opening link tag

4. Next, go to the last character in the string of text you want to link to and after it type:
The closing tag in an html hypertext link

NOTE:  I have had a couple of readers tell me that this didn’t work for them.  If you try it and it doesn’t work as a link, please leave a comment below.  Facebook has an annoying way of changing things around so it never hurts to test again once in a while.


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  1. Hi! Thank you for this post. Actually, I’m not very familiar with this topic but after reading your post, it’s clear now! Keep up the good posts like this. Take care!

  2. I haven’t used notes yet (plan to), nice to know they support markup!

  3. That is exactly what I thought I had done – but it doesn’t display correctly in my browser (IE 7). Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

    • With HTML coding even something as simple as forgetting a space will ruin it. Make sure you have all the spaces and quotations marks in the correct positions.

  4. This post just really helped me out of a jam quickly. Thank you!

  5. hi,
    thank you very much for the post.
    helped me a lot!

  6. jenn,

    THANK YOU for this very helpful post. I know squat about html, but you just helped me put up my first fb note very nicely.

  7. Thank you!

  8. I just followed these instructions and they worked perfectly! For those of us who are “visual” learners your graphics were very helpful.

  9. Thanks for the tip! It was the first in a google search and it works !

  10. Going to try this now, so far i have had no luck with links in FB, but this might help. Thanks

  11. Followed the instructions for making a URL in FaceBook into a link. It did not work for me, in trying to place a “link”, in “FaceBook Notes”. Went to FaceBook help article, re: Notes Links, and the article is not available (???).
    The URL noted in this post, is hosted on the “keep And Share” server, as FaceBook Notes will not allow me to copy and paste articles there, again (???) Read everything I could find on the internet, but no luck (!!!??).
    Oh, my!

  12. I have tried this kind of method, but what i need is to make a Simple Link with different Anchor Text.
    For Example link http://facebook.com displayed as facebook. How to do that?

  13. This didn’t work for me.. tried it several times. I need to include 3 different links within a note.

  14. It worked to create active links, but they link back to the actual Note, even though all the (ten) links are all different.

  15. It worked! Thanks so much for these clear and helpful instructions

  16. Hello ! Thanks a lot for sharing this information. It worked really well. Thanks a lot ! Keep the good work going ! :)

  17. Nope, doesn’t work anymore.

  18. Facebook notes lets you format your text in several ways:

    Bold text
    Use the tag around text to make it bold. Write:
    this text is bold

    Italic text
    Use the tag around text to make it italic. Write:
    this text is italic

    Underline text
    Use the tag around text to make it underlined. Write:
    this text is underlined

    Strike out text
    Use the tag around text to put a line through it (strikethrough). Write:
    this text is crossed out

    Big text
    Use the tag around text to make it larger than the surrounding text. Write:
    this text is big

    Small text
    Use the tag around text to make it smaller than the surrounding text. Write:
    this text is small
    By using these text formatting options, you can add emphasis or de-emphasize text in your note.

  19. Thanks so much for this – worked exactly as you said it would and was enormously helpful :-)

  20. Just letting you know that it still works! Thanks for posting this!

  21. Worked like a charm Thanks! God Bless!

  22. not working i tried this one
    ↓Everyone Below Me Is Awesome↓

  23. sorry it is working

  24. It works! Thank you.

  25. You’re AWESOME!!! It Worked Like A Charm!!
    Thank You For Sharing Your Knowledge!
    Keep Up the Great Work!

  26. Works fine on notes however it does not show up as a link when displayed as a post on my wall. The text I made as a link on notes is not a blue font and shows up as normal text. How come it does not work as a link when clicked on as my post when transferred by Facebook onto my wall?

  27. Thank you so much for this post. It really helped me tailor my notes to my exact requirements. Very helpful.

  28. it doesnt work now (sept 2012)…they stripped it (sigh…hope u can update any new code)

  29. it works! thanks! :)

  30. is there a way to create a button in a note using HTML?

    as in i want to create a note with an add “me button” with out having to go to profile page to do so

  31. Pretty neat, thank you! I noticed that when you type a web address in facebook notes, it turns that into links automatically, but I didnt’t know that a href quote. Much better!

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